About Starline

We are the company setting industry standards, ensuring all UK operators have access to the best vehicles to share with their customers.  As ambassadors of the Starline limo bus we see it as our mission to ensure all UK roads are welcoming these buses. 

As well as teaching and advising those interested in joining this ever-flourishing industry we also process orders, being the only distributer with access to the Starline. 

Processing Your Order 

When investing in such a glorious vehicle it is important that you think carefully about each and every option put your way. Having over a decade of experience in vehicle hire we know what the people of the UK want in their transport, here to help you make informed choices when adding to or starting your fleet. 

Our team of specialists are here to advise on:



Interior style

Wifi options 


And much more

Our experience 

Being a cemented feature in the industry we have both the knowledge and the product to encourage healthy business choices. With limo bus hire being a forever in demand service we provide the opportunity for people to make an honest, viable business. 

Make an Enquiry

If you would like to learn more about the Starline then contact us today. Will can talk you through the purchasing process as well as talk you through details of the vehicle specification.