Mercedes to Introduce a Driverless Limo

At Starline we are passionate about two things, offering great Mercedes party buses and amazing customer service. This is why we were greatly intrigued by the brand’s latest announcement, claiming to be mulling over a new project.

Joining Apple and Google in their promise of the driverless car Mercedes officials want to reinvent the vehicle hire market, introducing the world’s first driverless limo service. 

"This is a concrete development goal of ours,” Daimler Chief Executive Zetsche said.

"It would be even more convenient if the car came to you autonomously” he continues. 

A chauffeur car with no chauffeur?

At Starline we pride ourselves on offering vehicles that serve to the partygoers needs, selling buses to those that want to provide unforgettable transport experiences. This is why the idea of no chauffeur can be pretty worrying for some vehicle operators, not being able to have complete control over the hire experience. 

Sales Executive, John, of London firm VIP Travel says such introductions will ‘change the market forever’, a change that we must be ready for. 

‘Driverless cars and getting closer and closer and this is something we have to prepare for. The only thing we at VIP worry about is not being there to wait on our passengers, with technology set o make the courteous chauffeur obsolete’. 

Let us know what you think, will you miss the traditional driver in the front seat? Leave your comments below.