Vehicle Specifications

The Starline limo bus is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 515 CDi, a vehicle made with both power and attractiveness.

It is available in high or super-high roof diesel, sporting a long wheelbase that makes it hard to miss when out on the road.

Although an inventive blend of features the vehicle is completely road legal, with our builder’s customising techniques admired across the private hire community.

The Starline comes with the all-important Vehicle and Operator Services Agency's (VOSA) Certificate of Initial Fitness (COIF) for carrying 16 passengers. Take a look at the information below for further details.

Mercedes Sprinter 516CDi XLWB Super-Extended

Engine: 2.148 litre diesel, 4 cylinder, Euro 4, M-B OM646 DELA, common rail.
Power: 110KW (150bhp) @3,800 rpm.
Gearbox: Automatic Transmission base Chassis
Tachograph: Digital Tachograph & speed limiter.
Speed limiter: Factory fitted by Mercedes.
Fuel efficiency: Mercedes fuel efficiency figures quote circa 25 mpg (11 litres/100Km.)
Drive: Right Hand Drive
Certificate: Full IVA Certificate for 16 passengers supplied by VOSA.
Colour: Any colour choice.


please note that the dimensions shown below are the same for both vehicle types:

Measurement Meters Feet/inches (to nearest inch)
Wheelbase 4.325 14’ 2”
Overall length 8.000 26’ 4”
Overall height
high roof 2.80 9’ 2”
super-high roof 3.03 9’ 11”
Interior Height
high roof 1.940 6’ 4”
super-high roof 2.140 7’ 1”
with mirrors out 2.425 7’ 11”
with mirrors in 1.993 6’ 6”
Turning circle (wall to wall) 15.60 51’ 2”


  • Coach rear end extension @ 500mm longer than Extra Long WB chassis.
  • Drop well boot for storage
  • New style LED rear lighting system.
  • Hi-level rear lights for improved vehicle visibility.
  • Powered plug-entrance door.
  • Full length side body skirts.
  • Front bumper extension inclusive of in-built LED lighting.
  • Colour coded bumpers and side mouldings.
  • Modified and lowered front entrance step.
  • Direct glazed and bonded all-round panoramic windows.(double glazed).
  • Roof marker lights 3 per side.
  • Chrome Wheel Trims.
  • All legal lettering.


  • Driver’s partition wall with Privacy Curtain.
  • Side facing J-configuration limousine-style seating for 16 passengers with individual lap-belts, intermittent armrest spacing and provision for x2 in-seat bar units. Seats trimmed in two tones of soft leather effect.
  • x1 19” LCD screen mounted on bulkhead behind driver area.
  • Full Sound system.
  • Full soft trim interior to complement seat trim.
  • Roof panel unit incorporating Mirrored back and centre-roof LED light features.
  • Robust chrome-effect floor system with anti-slip features.
  • Interior laser for cabin laser-light show.
  • Air Conditioning unit vented into the cabin interior at ceiling level.
  • Under-bar glass and drinks storage areas.
  • Under-bar Fridge.
  • Ice Chests and Glasses to all bar areas.
  • Driver’s seat re-trimmed to match all new seating.
  • Full Black veneer Wood Kit – Driver dash / Cabin coving / rear bar units / seat bar units / TV screen surrounds].
  • Front entrance LED step lights.
  • First aid kit and fire extinguisher.
  • Rear boot light to fully illuminate luggage storage area.
  • Additional battery packs plus Inverter to independently supply vehicle LED, Fibre Optic and entertainment systems, with trickle charge from main engine battery and alternators.
  • Boot-housed removable waste bin integrated with chute main bar area.


  • 3 year Vehicle Manufacturers mechanical warranty.(can extend to 5 years).
  • No-Quibble 2 year structural conversion warranty.
  • No-Quibble 2 year Entertainment Systems warranty.
  • No-Quibble Interior Trim Two Year warrant.


  • Comprehensive UK-Wide Mercedes Dealer & Vehicle Repair centres.
  • Dependable vehicle chassis performance and Marque underpinning the value of the investment.